How Teens Can Make Money Online

If you’re a teen in search of a side hustle or an idea for a profitable online business, there are plenty of options. From selling second-hand clothes to creating a YouTube channel with a loyal following, you can start making money online by tapping into your own unique talents.

Depending on the online job or venture you choose, the amount of time and effort required can vary greatly. Some online jobs pay very little but require very minimal time commitment, such as performing micro tasks and short-term tasks on freelance sites like SolidGigs. Other options, like monetizing a blog or building an e-commerce site, can earn you more money but require a significant investment of time and energy.

A more long-term option is writing and publishing an e-book. Although this is a more labor-intensive way to make money online, it can be highly rewarding and lucrative if you have the right audience and content strategy in place.

Another option is starting an online blog to build a readership and monetize your content through affiliate marketing and advertising. A teen with strong knowledge of SEO and social media can turn their blog into a profitable online business that can lead to a full-time career.

Many online brands will pay teens for referring friends and followers to their website. This is a great way for teens to get paid for doing something they enjoy, like shopping or supporting a brand they love.

One of the most creative ways to make money online is by creating a YouTube channel and promoting brands through ads on your videos. A popular YouTuber can earn an income from ad revenue as their subscriber base grows, and they may also earn additional cash by collaborating with brands to promote products or services.

You can also earn extra money by completing surveys on your smartphone using apps like Sweatcoin. The app rewards you with tokens, or “sweatcoins,” for each exercise activity you complete. The sweatcoins can then be redeemed for prizes, including gift cards, or converted into cash through PayPal.

If you have a knack for creative writing, starting an online blog is a great way to make money on the side. Publish quality content that appeals to your audience, and as your traffic increases, you can monetize your blog by displaying advertisements and offering affiliate links.

Whatever you do to make money, always be smart and responsible. Make sure you’re staying safe online by keeping a separate email account, avoiding malware and only sharing personal information with trusted sources. And when it comes to managing your earnings, a GoHenry teen debit card is the perfect way for your teen to manage their money responsibly and track spending.

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