7 Tips for Getting Visitors to My Blog

Getting visitors to your blog isn’t easy, but there are some effective tactics you can use. Using these tips will help you increase the amount of traffic that your blog receives from both organic and paid sources.

1. Make Your Site Faster

Page load speed is a factor that Google uses when determining where to rank your website in its search results. It’s important to ensure that your site isn’t taking too long to load, or you’ll risk losing potential readers before they even get a chance to read your content. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to improve your website’s loading time.

2. Create Internal Links

Linking your content to other relevant pages within your website can be a great way to boost SEO for your site. It also keeps your readers on your blog longer, which is a great way to decrease your bounce rate.

3. Write and Publish Your Own eBook

Writing your own free eBook on a niche-related topic can be a powerful tool to drive traffic to your blog. You can offer it as a gift to your email list, share it on social media or use it to promote your blog posts.

4. Join a Facebook Group That’s Relevant to Your Niche

Creating and joining relevant groups on Facebook can be a powerful way to increase your blog’s traffic, especially if you target your followers there. You’ll want to focus on groups that have a lot of active members who appear to be within your ideal audience.

5. Collaborate with Larger Bloggers or Brands

Providing value to big brands or bloggers in your niche is an excellent way to build a relationship and start driving traffic to your blog. You can do this by offering to collaborate on a project–whether it be a guest post, a product, or a freebie.

6. Network with Journalists and Media People

Getting media exposure is another great way to gain blog traffic, and it’s a lot easier to land your first press and media coverage if you already have a solid reputation in your niche. You’ll want to start by building relationships with smaller news outlets, and then move up the ladder until you reach a point where you’re able to pitch your content to larger media outlets.

7. Be a Speaker at a Conference

Attending a relevant conference related to your niche is another excellent way to bring a massive audience of interested readers to your blog. You’ll need to put in a fair amount of work and effort in order to become a speaker, but it’s well worth the effort.

8. Send Emails to Your List

Using your blog to send out emails is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your readers. You can include your latest blog post and some other interesting pieces of information in your newsletter, and send them an update about what’s going on with your business.

9. Be a Guest on Other Sites

Leaving comments on other blogs can be a great way to attract new readers to your site and expand your readership. Ideally, you should reply to each comment that you receive, and this helps to create a community underneath your blog posts.

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